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Starting with the definition of the new term «Modulated Virtual Reality», which is suitable for describing the scope of the project, this thesis research defines the Edoo system: a scalable Immersive Virtual Reality platform that aims to promote empowerment and knowledge through personalized interactive experiences. Accordingly, the primary target audience of the platform will be therapists, educators, and caregivers while the secondary target audience (i.e., users who enjoy virtual experiences) primarily children.

The design of Edoo's user interface is at the core of the project. The project was constantly shaped through a human-centered approach, strengthened by constant collaboration with Fondazione Sacra Famiglia, leading to a final system capable of enabling service recipients to independently control the potential offered by the technology according to their needs.
YEAR 2021/2022
FOR Master Thesis Project, Fondazione Sacra Famiglia
ROLE UX/UI Designer, Brand, Visual and Web Designer
The concept of Modulated VR derivative from Mann's Mediated Reality framework ↓

field Research

The first part of the project featured a field research phase where the children's relationship with virtual reality technology was investigated. After having them use the VR Headset, the children were asked to write down the emotion they felt on a poster board.
From the insights gathered, the visual identity of the project was then developed.
Photos of field research ↓
Collected dats from field research with children ↓
Visual Identity of Edoo, result of the field research ↓
Eddie, virtual assistant of Edoo system ↓


The design of Edoo interface followed a nonlinear Design Thinking process that constantly kept the focus on the needs of the audience, focusing this time on the primary target, i.e., the side that will directly use the VR platform.

The project was then developed by doing constant research and interviews with all three target audiences, trying to understand their needs in approaching the platform, and finally converging them into a versatile and comprehensive interface.

The main intervention on the platform was initiated thanks to the collaboration with Fondazione Onlus Sacra Famiglia: a nonprofit organization that for more than 120 years has been taking in and caring for frail people with the aim of improving their quality of life.
Matrix of the whole virtual experience co-designed with therapists ↓
Miro board of the online focus group with educators and teachers ↓
Final Architecture of Edoo VR platform ↓
Overview of the platform ↓
Control Panel ↓
Control panel expected user flow ↓
Mocks of the section dedicated do datas collection ↓